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Have you been a victim of medical malpractice?

It is not uncommon for visitors to the Costa del Sol to undergo medical or surgical treatment, especially those for aesthetic reasons, and unfortunately, neither is it uncommon for there to be complications due to professional medical malpractice. In such cases, the victim needs to decide in what way they shall proceed to claim for the damages caused – for which they are entitled compensation.

There are two ways by which to proceed, either criminal or civil, and as such legal advice is imperative in this situation to ensure the best method is selected. In any case, the most important facet in the success of such an action is the choice of good lawyer who can take the details of the case and turn them into potential mechanisms, both effective and appropriate in securing the objectives set by the client.

Most clients are not aware of their rights, or what action to take if a situation of negligence or medical malpractice was to occur due to a malfunctioning health system. In fact many cases of medical malpractice are not even reported because of the lack of knowledge regarding patient rights.

Medical Malpractice Claims

Lexland Lawyers’ experienced team offers full expertise to claim compensation for both economic and moral damage caused by medical malpractice.

Making a complaint of this nature is by no means a simple process, as it pivots around proving the wrongdoing on the part of the medical team, however, with an experienced lawyer, you can be sure your case will proceed in the best manner. Our experts can help you to achieve the justice that you deserve and help to make this complex process an accessible option for you.

Contact Lexland today to find out more information and see if perhaps you could be entitled to a compensation. We don’t charge anything for the first consultation – take advantage!

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