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Private Client

In our Private Client Department we have a team of highly qualified professionals, with wide experience in tax advice.

Our main objective is to provide our clients with a legal service tailored to their needs. If you need the professional help of a lawyer, contact us and we will provide initial, no obligation advice.

Private Client

In our Private Client Department we have a team of highly qualified professionals, with wide experience in tax advice for large fortunes, directed at minimising the tax impact that would be caused by inadequate tax planning. Our main aim is to find out our clients’ needs so that, from the tax perspective, we can provide optimum solutions in accordance with their interests, providing solid tax knowledge of the options granted by our legal system so they can be tailored to each specific case.
Confidentiality, empathy and commitment are the characteristic notes which operate as the pillars on which we provide our services. In addition, we also offer legal and tax advice on real estate investments and disinvestments in Spain, optimising the operation so that the additional tax costs are not an obstacle to investing or disinvesting n this country. Furthermore, knowing the difficulties which often arise as a consequence of more than one tax jurisdiction intervening on the same individual and their wealth, sometimes leading to double international taxation, our team of professionals are experts in analysing the existing points of connection in order to neutralise the potential double taxation generated.

Tax advice

Specialised in assisting natural persons with large fortunes.

Tax planning

Wealth and inheritance directed not only at minimising current tax costs but also at preserving family wealth for future generations.

Changing tax residence

Both Spanish people who transfer their residence abroad and foreigners who want to transfer their residence to Spanish territory.

Tax representation

Before Spanish tax authorities, offering the services of assistance with management, inspection and collection procedures for residents and non-residents in Spain.

Advice on tax obligations

For compliance with tax obligations under the Spanish legal system to ensure compliance with the deadlines for presenting tax returns, paying taxes and tax information obligations.

Integral service

Advice for Private Bank and Family Office clients Advice on investment, holding and disinvestment from real estate assets and the constitution and management of organised family estates.

Dispute resolution

Assistance with settling disputes which may directly or indirectly alter the smooth functioning of the family estate.


Family protocol and inheritance planning

NIE - Foreigner Identification Number

Management and guidance throughout the process of obtaining the NIE, management of the power of attorney granted by the client to our firm, whether it be a power of attorney from Spain or abroad, management of the legalisation, presentation and withdrawal. And also, registration with the Inland Revenue department or simply requesting copies of said NIE or manage any changes to it.

TIE - Non-EU Residence Card

We advise you on how to process and obtain this permit, compiling all the required documentation and procedures and accompanying the client to the corresponding aliens office.

EU registry certificate

Known colloquially as the “Green Card” we help you to apply for and obtain this permit, compiling all the required documentation and procedures, and accompanying the client to the corresponding aliens office.

Miscellaneous formal procedures

Our colleagues experts in formal procedures can help you to register at any town or city hall in Spain, vehicle-related procedures such as, the registration of all types of vehicle, change of ownership of vehicles, among others. We can help you with your suppliers not only with contracting but also to find the best option available including for life and household insurance. Holiday rental licences, management and intermediation for any debts with various bodies and all the procedures required.

Get a Golden Visa

Our lawyers can provide detailed guidance on the requirements and procedures needed to obtain a Golden Visa in Spain. We can prepare and present all the required documents ensuring that the application complies with all the standards and requirements established by the competent authorities.
MWe keep our clients informed on the status of their application at all times, offering regular updates and managing any query or additional application that may arise.
After it has been granted, we accompany the applicant to the police station to record their finger prints so the corresponding investor residence card can be issued. We find out from the authorities when the card has been issued, so we can notify the client and accompany them when they collect it from the Spanish authorities. In addition to managing the initial application, we can also organise the periodic renewals of the Golden Visa, ensuring that our clients keep their continuous residence status without mishap.