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Tax Law

In our tax department our experts advise our clients on any matter associated with Tax Administration

At our firm we are aware of the importance of efficient tax management. Our team of professionals is available to present you with the most favourable tax solutions, tailored to your needs, whether you are a private individual or a company. From the presentation of personal taxes to corporate tax planning, we can help you comply with your tax obligations and maximise your tax efficiency.


Special regime for impatriates

This new figure has been created in the Law on impatriates. Study of the possible tax scenarios in relation to the characteristics of each client, tax residence and applicable double taxation treaties. Subsequent application to enter the special regime. Presentation of taxes and carrying out all the services involved in this modality.


Tax Inspections

Supporting the client throughout the inspection process including representation, advice and all the steps required for the success of their case. (appearing at the inspection visits, document review, presentation of statements, economic-administrative and contentious-administrative courts, among others.)


Appeals before the Inland Revenue Department and Courts

Taking all the steps arising out of notifications and orders from the Inland Revenue Department and all other public bodies associated with taxation.


Tax and estate planning

Analysis of the client’s characteristics to prepare for changes of residence to Spain from their country, studying all the tax scenarios and then including all the steps required to achieve that change. (application for residence permits, family reunification, miscellaneous arrangements such as home insurance, validation of driving licence).


Personal Income Tax

Preparing the natural person income tax return collecting the documentation, accessing tax data and checking their reliability and subsequent presentation of the return. Including presentation of form 720 for those under the obligation to present it.


Tax treatment for non-resident companies

Feasibility study for subsequent processing as a non-resident Company in Spain, application for a Non-resident Tax Id. (NIF), opening a bank account where necessary, obtaining the mandatory digital certificate, tax representation for non-resident companies and the formalities and appearance before all public administrations and the Inland Revenue Department in particular. Management of notifications, dealing with and appearing at inspections among others. Processing and presenting all the taxes which a non-resident company is liable for (assignment of use, quarterly rent, special tax for non resident companies in tax havens or resident in such countries, etc.).


Non-residents’ Income Tax

Preparing and compiling all the information and documentation required for to then present the tax, upon calculation of the amount. Management of payment of taxes and direct debits. Management of notifications for a non-resident natural person.


Tourist or holiday property rentals

Advice and integral management of property rentals in Spain for non-residents, from drafting rental agreements, tenant and property checks, registering the contracts with the Andalusian government, among other related steps. Preparing and compiling all quarterly information and documentation in order to calculate and present the tax.


Wealth Tax: Residents and Non-residents

Analysis of each client's personal wealth, resident or otherwise, with potential scenarios studying exemptions, deductions and tax allowances, and the pertinent checks with various public bodies. Preparing and presenting the tax.


Temporary Solidarity Tax on Large Fortunes: Residents and Non-residents

Analysis of the personal wealth of each client, resident or otherwise, with all possible scenarios, as well as any deductions, allowances and exemptions. Preparing and presenting the tax.


Capital gains tax and repayment of the 3%

Study and analysis of any gains and losses in wealth for our non-resident clients, resulting from disposals or otherwise. Especially in property transactions. Preparing, compiling and presenting the tax as well as the complementary documentation explaining it. Applying for refunds where appropriate. Possible exemptions and allowances applicable to your case will be studied.


Tax planning for non-residents

Analysis of each client’s characteristics when deciding to invest in Spain, especially in property. Tax planning for the operation to ensure the best possible scenario. Support throughout the operation and the resulting consequences.


Accounting services

Preparing and compiling the documentation required to comply with the accounting, commercial and tax legislation for Companies. Specialists in holding companies. Subsequent assistance and advice in everything associated with accounting and taxation, quarterly taxes, corporate tax, accounting and financial reports, as well as the legalisation of accounting books and preparing and presenting annual accounts and other services.

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