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Lexland Abogados can help you and your company to take the steps your business needs

solution for your business

Lexland Abogados can help you and your company to take the steps your business needs. Tasks like doing the accounting or presenting certain taxes, comprehensive solutions that our firm, through its tax and accounting department, can provide to help your company save time and focus on its core activity.


Company incorporation

At Lexland we have experts specialising in company incorporation who will carry out the process from start to finish. From naming the company to registration in the mercantile register



In our team we have advisers and accountants who will be responsible for managing and supervising the analytical accounting of your company’s activity. They will also be responsible for receiving and analysing the accounting documents and keeping the official books, among other duties.


Tax treatment

Whether your company has already been or is yet to be set up, our SME consultants will do the tax planning to ensure the optimum way of saving costs for your company. We will take charge of tasks like presenting corporate tax and our professionals will provide you with professional, efficient tax advice.


Labour advice

Our professionals will be responsible for producing and formalising employment contracts with employees, registering the contracts with Spain’s national employment institute (INEM), registration and removal from the Social Security system, preparing monthly payslips, termination and final settlement of each contract, and preparing the annual withholdings certificate, among other duties.


Company mergers and acquisitions

If you want to buy or sell a company, there are a series of requirements and the process must be carried out with great attention to detail in a professional way. At Lexland we have expert specialists in this area, able to carry out said mergers and acquisitions.