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Why outsource accounting and finance?

Many small and medium enterprises are unable to carry out all the tasks involved in keeping good accounting for their business. In this situation it is often recommended to outsource accounting related tasks, letting others take on the excess work, and relieving your business to get on with its usual work.

The outsourcing of accounting and finance tasks presents many benefits, principally saving a lot of vital company time, allowing you to instead focus on other important aspects of the central activity of your company. Another frequent advantage of outsource accounting services is cost savings, since accounting is a complex task requiring ongoing training and excess staff.

Our experienced Tax & Accounting Department at Lexland Abogados is available to anyone who wishes to take on our accounting/tax services and is characterized by its high level of knowledge and experience. We offer our services personalized to the individual, with absolute confidentiality in the management of corporate information and a high quality in all of our work.

Break free from the time-consuming book-keeping and sheet balancing, and instead let our professionals take the stress and carry out the work for you. Our clients often find that our accounting/tax services even save them money due to the expert knowledge of our staff!

How can I outsource accounting and finance?

There are many entities that specialize in this, including Lexland. We have a strong and very experienced accounting team, who now for years have handled outsourcing tasks for numerous corporations and private clients. Here are a few of the many tasks that our accounting department is capable of performing:

  • Designing the accounting system, from design and planning, to implementation.
  • Preparing and submitting monthly tax returns.
  • Developing and declaring annual income tax.
  • Managing the Treasury.
  • Administrating paying accounts.
  • Managing receiving accounts.
  • Billing.
  • Management control.
  • Preparing accounting and management reports.

Contact us today to find out more information about this topic at absolutely no cost for you!

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