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What to do if you are planning to open an establishment

When an individual or a society wishes to open an establishment or open a business, it is usually common to come across obstacles in the proceedings, which delays the expected opening date. However, planning ahead of time can avoid most of these obstacles or problems, as long as the owner is flexible and understands that sometimes the location, interior layout and other elements of the establishment or business will not meet their exact criteria, since these are subject to the city council and are required to comply with certain technical standards.

In order to avoid harmful or irreversible situations, it is advisable to verify that the new business can be placed in the area that we have chosen, and that the property can accommodate the needs of the business activity.

Firstly, and with regards to the area, it should be noted that there are restrictions when it comes to opening a shop. For example, clubs cannot be placed in noise exclusion zones or residential areas, and businesses cannot undertake industrial activities that produce dust, smoke or vapour if they are placed near schools or tourist areas. For this reason, it is appropriate to inform the department of Urban Planning of the activity that your business will undertake.

Secondly, you must choose a suitable property or shop for your business. Depending on the activity of the business, you will sometimes be required to meet a minimum surface area, and if this requirement is not met, the opening license will be refused.

Furthermore, the property or shop must comply with the requirements of safety, accessibility and salubriousness, and it may be required to install fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, emergency exits, access ramps, lifts, adapted bathrooms, smoke extractors, etc.

All of the above can substantially redefine the ideas that you had in mind at the beginning of the process. For this reason, it is crucial to hire a professional to advise you throughout this process.

Finally, and in those cases where a business transfer takes place, it is strongly recommended to verify that the previous owner had complied with the requirements mentioned above and that you will be able to undertake your business activity without having to deal with possible breaches by the former owner.

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