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Were you a victim of unfair dismissal?

In this current economic crisis dismissals are the order of the day. As the most severe penalty that can be imposed on a worker there are several regulations in place to protect the rights of employees. The problem being, that these rights are little well known to the general public. So what are the formalities to be followed if our boss decides to dismiss us? It’s time to resolve those doubts!

The Workers Charter states a list of causes for fair dismissal, varying from disobedience to harassment, and many other obvious causes. What isn’t often known is the protocol that one is required to follow in conjunction with the cause. Written notice of the dismal must always be given to the employee stating the cause, motive and the date from which the dismissal will take place. In some cases a collective agreement is also required.

The dismissal is considered “fair” when the facts that we recognized on the termination letter have been accredited in the sentence. This will validate work without compensation or wages during the proceedings, but however, will give the individual the right to claim unemployment benefit.

How to proceed if I have been unfairly dismissed?

If you have’ve been a victim of unfair dismissal and want to claim your rights, or know of someone that has been a victim to this situation, please contact our labour department at Lexland Lawyers, where we can provide help, advice, and answers to the many questions that we are sure will arise. Our labour experts can help you to claim for compensation for damages, or even reinstatement if that is your preference.

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