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How can I Register my Holiday Property in Andalucia?

As of 11th May 2016, all owners who advertise and rent out their residential property to tourists, must register with the Junta de Andalucia.

 The necessary requirements to comply with the new law are as follow:

It is vitally important that paperwork relating to guests staying is stored and available upon request by the inspection team if required. Owners must also submit the details of their guests to the Guardia Civil, normally within 24-48 hours of check in. The Owner of the property is responsible for implementing and continuing to meet the standards set out in the Law.


1.      Holiday Property Registration

In order to start with the registration, you will need the following documentation:

  • Licence of First Occupation
  • NIE

 What if I don’t have my licence of first occupation?

A licence of first occupation was given when your house was first built, if you do not have a copy you should speak with the Ayuntamiento in your local area. Lexland Lawyers can help with this so please contact us.

New holiday rental law in Andalucía


2. Getting the Property Ready

Ensure Licence, Unique Reference Number and Rules are clearly displayed along with emergency contact telephone for host and rules of the house, including information about pets, check in and check out times. You should have a First Aid Kit, with the location clearly displayed.

 Cleaning Service

You must have a cleaning service, you or a cleaner that cleans the house before and after each guest´s stay. You should also offer a cleaning service for during the guests stay, but can request

a charge for this. We recommend a weekly cleaning schedule to show how regularly this is done.


Ensure each bedroom has direct outside patio or ventilation and shutters/curtains or blinds which darken the room. Ensure each bedroom is also equipped with fixed air, capable of cooling the room between May and September, and heaters between September and May. You must have a minimum of two sets of clean bed linen per guest.


Ensure the kitchen is fully equipped with a cooker, sink, hot water, cooking utensils and enough bowls, plates, cups, glasses, and cutlery for your maximum amount of guests. We suggest you always add extra. The Kitchen should have a fire extinguisher or a fire blanket, and the house should also have one additional one.

3. Procedure when receiving guests – New rental property registration

You must take a copy of the Identification Document of each guest over 16 years old. A copy of the document must be signed by the guest and submitted to the Local Guardia Civil within 48 hours. It must also be held on site for at least one year in case of inspection.

Guests must have a copy of the booking contract and an invoice.

Registering with the Local Guardia Civil

A copy of the identification and the cover sheet must be delivered to the Local Guardia Civil usually within 48 hours of the Guests arrival, but you should check with your local Guardia when you register there.

Contacting You

The guest must have a number on which he can reach you or your representative 24 hours a day during his stay. This must be displayed clearly in the house, and given to the guests on arrival.

Your Booking Contract

You must provide each guest with a booking contract that contains the details of both parties, contact details, the price of the stay, the dates of the stay, and the payment methods used. You must also show how any deposit was received.

Your advertised price, must be all inclusive of water, electricity, cleaning and bedding. If guests book your accommodation through the Internet, then the booking terms will be whichever you have chosen with your agent.

More questions about how to register your holiday property in Junta de Andalucia? Contact Lexland Lawyers, our experts will be more than happy to help.

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