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Financial support for Entrepreneurs in the Province of Malaga

The regulatory basis of the call to grant benefits to support entrepreneurship in the province of Malaga was published in the Official Bulletin of the Province on October 25th of the present year.

Purpose of the grant: the purpose of the call is to grant financial assistance destined to the financial contributions for self-employed workers or to the contributions of the professionals that are members of other mutual societies.

Entrepreneurs in the Province of Malaga

Beneficiaries: those who:

– Have started their economic activity and have registered after October 1st, 2011 until the last day of submission of applications.

– Have not started their business activity yet, in which case they will have to present a report explaining the economic activity they will undertake and submit affidavit expressing their intention to register in the Social Security System.


you will not be able to apply as beneficiary of these benefits in the following cases;

– When a ruling of loss of the possibility of obtaining benefits or aid has been issued.

– If you have declared voluntary bankruptcy; have been rendered insolvent; have been declared as bankrupt in any proceeding; except in cases in which an agreement with the debtors has been reached, if you have been subject to judicial action or if you have been disqualified pursuant to Act 22/2003, of July 9, Bankruptcy, without having finalised the period of disqualification set in the ruling of bankruptcy classification.

– To be in default on tax or Social Security payments according to present legislation.

– Having your tax residence in a country or territory classified as a tax haven.

– To be in default on subsidy reimbursements under the terms established by the current legislation.

– Having been sanctioned with the loss of the possibility to obtain benefits under this or other similar Acts.

– Partnerships and legal entities with joined ownership of assets may not apply for this grant.

– Any individual, either an employee or self-employed worker who is part of a partnership or any other type of company.

Submission location:

applications may be submitted by any of the following means:

-Electronically, which will require having a digital certificate or electronic ID.

– In the General Registry of the Provincial Government of Malaga, located on calle Pacífico, 54, 29004 Malaga.

– Through any of the methods set forth in Act 30/1992. Deadline for application: the last day to submit the application is November 11th. Maximum amount of grant: 2.500€, except for those applicants who are entitled to other benefits, in which case the grant shall not exceed the annual cost of the Social security contribution of the specific Regime for self-employed workers.

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