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Wills and Legacies

We can provide comprehensive legal advice to ensure the correct planning and execution of our clients’

Planning and executing wills

From drafting wills to the transfer and signing of the inheritance documents, our team takes care of all the legal and tax aspects for efficient, trouble-free management. Drafting of wills in Spain, taking into account our clients’ characteristics and final wishes to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of their estate. We provide bespoke legal and tax advice according to our clients’ nationality and individual circumstances, ensuring efficient, optimum planning for their estate. We manage the execution of wills both in Spain and abroad in relation to properties and assets located in Spain, ensuring compliance with our clients’ final wishes effectively and in accordance with the law.
We facilitate the transfer and signing of inheritance documents in Spain, coordinating all the necessary arrangements for the lawful transfer of the inherited property. We can present the inheritance tax or exemption therefrom, ensuring compliance with the corresponding tax obligations and maximising the tax benefits for our clients. We manage the registration of inherited properties with the corresponding land registries, guaranteeing legal security and protection of our clients’ rights as new owners.