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Transfer of Property

We provide an integral approach to ensure successful, trouble-free transfers.

From purchase
and sale to donation

From purchase and sale to donation and the setting up of usufructs, our team will provide an exhaustive legal and tax study to maximise the benefits and minimise complications. We make a detailed analysis of property transfers, evaluating both the legal and tax aspects to ensure compliance with the law and optimise the benefits for all the parties involved.
We facilitate the process of buying and selling properties, providing expert advice at each stage, from the negotiation to the signing of the corresponding contracts and deeds. We coordinate the donation of properties, ensuring compliance with all the legal and tax requirements, maximising the benefits for the donor and donee. We advise on the setting up of usufructs on properties, ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of the rights to use and enjoy among the various beneficiaries. We arrange tax exemptions where applicable and we manage the cancellation of usufructs as appropriate, ensuring an uncomplicated transition and effective consolidation of the property.

Get a Golden Visa

Our lawyers can provide detailed guidance on the requirements and procedures needed to obtain a Golden Visa in Spain. We can prepare and present all the required documents ensuring that the application complies with all the standards and requirements established by the competent authorities.
We keep our clients informed on the status of their application at all times, offering regular updates and managing any query or additional application that may arise.
After it has been granted, we accompany the applicant to the police station to record their finger prints so the corresponding investor residence card can be issued. We find out from the authorities when the card has been issued, so we can notify the client and accompany them when they collect it from the Spanish authorities. In addition to managing the initial application, we can also organise the periodic renewals of the Golden Visa, ensuring that our clients keep their continuous residence status without mishap.