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Integral, expert management of property purchases in Spain

For a trouble-free experience and successful outcomes

Our Conveyancing service offers integral, expert management of property purchases in Spain. From the initial reservation stage to finalising the transaction by registering the deed of sale with the corresponding Land Registry.
Our team takes care of all aspects of the process to ensure a trouble-free experience with successful outcomes for our clients. We coordinate and manage reservation of the property with the estate agents, ensuring a smooth transaction right from the start. We conduct an exhaustive preliminary investigation to assess the feasibility and legality of the operation, identifying potential problems or restrictions that might arise. We check the registration status of the property and we conduct the necessary formalities with town and city councils to ensure compliance with local regulations. We draft the property reservation agreement, we provide the purchase and sale agreements and we draft the deeds of sale with the notary’s office, ensuring that all terms and conditions are clearly defined, and our clients’ interests are protected.
We receive and collect the payments associated with the transaction through the firm’s client account, ensuring safety and transparency in all financial operations. As well as all the steps for obtaining the NIE, opening bank accounts, change of title and creating direct debits for local taxes on the property, utilities, among others.Además de todas las gestiones referente a Obtención de NIE, apertura de cuentas bancarias, cambio de titularidad y domiciliaciones de los impuestos locales correspondientes al inmueble, suministros, entre otros.